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Leestijd 1 min
15 februari 2024

Accelerate Identity Management with AFAS and Okta


N.B. Contrary to earlier communication, this knowledge session will not take place on 5 April, but at a later point in the year. If you would like to be informed about the new schedule, please send us an e-mail.

FuseLogic kindly invites you to ‘Accelerate Identity Management with AFAS and Okta’ in the AFAS Theater in Leusden. Our experts and the guest speaker from Intergamma will explain how you can implement Identity Management at the speed of business with FuseLogic, Okta and AFAS.


Edwin Meeren Intergamma


Guest speaker

Edwin Meeren

Director Technology at Intergamma Bouwmarkten



Need for speed and security

Grip on the access to applications is vital to protect your sensitive data. Traditional static Identity & Access Management models do not fit the need for speed and flexibility of modern, dynamic organisations.

Accelerating Identity Management and Identity Governance

With our unique approach you can go live with a working Identity Management solution in 10-30 days. Intelligent automation based on your AFAS data ensures that Identity Management will follow the dynamics of your organisation, rather than the other way around.

AFAS HR as a Source

AFAS-logo-1282x641FuseLogic has developed an AFAS connector for Okta which enables you to use your HR data as one of the sources to grant or deny access. It also offers the possibility of managing a user's lifecycle in AFAS. Is an employee leaving your company? Then the applications and rights assigned in Okta are automatically withdrawn, preventing potential security breaches.

Anything as a source

Okta_Wordmark_Black_S - croppedBuilding on the ‘anything as a source’ concept, we use Okta to consolidate and combine data from AFAS and multiple other sources to automate your identity lifecycle.


Edwin Meeren, Director Technology at Intergamma Bouwmarkten
Joost Koiter, Lead Okta Consulting at FuseLogic
Fedor Kleber, IAM-consultant at FuseLogic
Leon Oud, Managing Director FuseLogic


12.00: Welcome with lunch
13.00: Accelerate Identity Management with FuseLogic, AFAS and Okta, including a live interactive demo by an Okta Technical Champion
14.15: Identity Management in practice at Intergamma
14.30: Q&A and wrap up
14.45: Drinks, snacks & networking
15.30: End of the event
Location: AFAS Theater, Inspiratielaan 3, 3833 AV Leusden

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Gebaseerd op meer dan 15 jaar ervaring hebben we best practices ontwikkeld om Identity Management projecten te versnellen. Wij leveren Identity Management oplossingen. Maar dan sneller, gemakkelijker en goedkoper. Hierdoor bent u snel ‘in control’ en volgt Identity Management de snelheid van de business, in plaats van andersom.

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